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Dr. Helen

As I reflect on years of service to Honduras through AMIGA, beginning with my first trip in 2005, I feel grateful and blessed.  What is the magnet that led me to develop and grow AMIGA and the energy of this ministry all these years? The answer is quite simple. It starts with answering a call, under Direction from God, which requires complete trust and follows with an unfathomable fulfillment that motivates me to continue this amazing journey.  God’s light and love fuel this ministry through many people all year round.

In the words of a wise Honduran man we once met along the road; “Oh what an amazing privilege it is to have been blessed with so much that you are able to give so much”.   God is working through me and through many amigas and amigos of AMIGA.   Through this amazing mission in God’s amor, eyes and hearts are open to the Presence of God that is in each of us. The presence of this divine and quintessential goodness in each of us is experienced more keenly by living in the moment. Each experience and every person I experience through AMIGA keeps me focused on this beautiful light that penetrates darkness, and our critical need for this in every moment.

Sr. Raquel

I see AMIGA as an instrument from God to bring hope to my people of Honduras. All the people that become part of AMIGA affirm to Hondurans that they are not alone, that they have brother and sisters in the states that do not forget them.


My involvement in AMIGA started in 2014. I was attracted to AMIGA via my High School friend, Helen, and her passion for the cause. As I continue to work with AMIGA and meet the truly dedicated volunteers across the US, I am humbled by their talents and ability to make a difference in Honduras. The stories from the Honduran medical brigades are enlightening and inspire me to continue to volunteer my time tracking and reporting AMIGA’s financial activity. My thanks to Dr. Helena, Sr. Raquel, and the many volunteers for allowing me to be part of this amazing organization

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