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AMIGA 2018 Shipment

Reflecting on twelve years of AMIGA I never could have imagined the miracles I would witness and continue to witness with God’s Hand in everything we do. This AMIGA ministry is truly a reflection of 1Corinthians, chapter 12.

There are so many blessings, so many different talents and gifts that create the pieces of the puzzle of AMIGA and God puts it all together so beautifully.

On our trip in May, we recently sent our 16th shipment – a 40 foot container of supplies – used for serving the poor. Each shipment includes clothing (all washed and packed with love), medical supplies (carefully and meticulously counted and quality assured), school supplies and more.
The work of AMIGA is every day all throughout the year….

It is truly a work of love.

Here is just a glimpse of this year to date:

Collections all year long for clothes and supplies (THANK YOU to Our Lady Of Perpetual Help parish in Texas) All are taken to a home, then cleaned and packed with great care. Medications that are critical for our ministry are purchased through Blessings International and Clayton Health Pharmacy for assurance of best quality and value (THANK YOU to St. Alban Roe for contributing to some of the cost of our medicine – one of AMIGA’s biggest expense). Meds are delivered to St. Louis and then taken to my home. There the boxes are labeled and counted.

All supplies are then transferred to Texas via a “road trip” – which usually requires a couple of cars.

There they are placed with the other medications purchased or donated – all with expiration dates checked and rechecked – awaiting loading onto the truck for shipment # 16 to Honduras

In Honduras, MANY thanks to the office of the Orden of Malta in Tegucigalpa and the the Rotary in El Progreso, our shipment arrived, delivered, was stored safely and the goods distributed to those most in need. I believe that each box (and there are hundreds) is touched and moved (with love) at least 100 times…

The clothing , school supplies, wheelchairs (THANK YOU Knights of Columbus) and PETs (PersonalEnergyTransportation) carts (THANK YOU TO Mobility Worldwide) are distributed to those with greatest need. (THANKYOU to members of the Rotary , Alcalde of La Lima and many amigos) .

And most of all Thanks and praise to God – Who makes all things good, and all things possible.

Dra. Helena

And as we look forward to our future with excitement and Hope, we also realize with true affirmation that we need a home. We desperately need a home to store our medications safely and prepare for each brigade to serve each life we are privileged to touch and surely affect with quality care and love. For this venture, we have considered so many options and prayed for clear direction. As a result of this pursuit (and patience) we have been blessed with some land opportunities upon which we can build a home for our future, to continue this important ministry and unquestionably affect the lives of many in the US and in Honduras in many wonderful ways.

From this to a FULL 40 foot container!

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