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Fall of 2023

AMIGA was once again blessed with a wonderful group of professionals from all walks of life.“There are many gifts and One Spirit”. Every individual contributes a unique gift of talents that create a beautiful mosaic of service, fun, relief, hope and most of all Love.  Each piece of this mosaic is vital to a successful brigade. 

The patient encounter is a spiritual experience.  Patents walk miles with a droopy shoulder, sadness and hopelessness. The same patients leave with a beautiful bag full of what they need for the next few months, a smile, a sense of hope and of being loved knowing he/she is worthy, a child of God.

Each of the 2000 people served on this brigade received a reusable cloth bag – hand made with love. Each bag is filled with vitamins, toothpaste, soap, toothbrush, shampoo if needed, and medications that are needed. For many with underlying conditions such as Arthritis, Infections, Hypertension or Diabetes the mediations are a lifeline to health.

Each child received a special treat that left him/her with a big smile.

Much preparation is needed for each brigade day, during which we serve approximately 500 people.

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