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AMIGA – A Mission in God’s Amor, is an organization that was born in 2006 out of a passion for serving the poor by offering opportunities to improve mental, physical and spiritual health, and developing personal relationships.
AMIGA is a tax exempt 501C3 business that received formal recognition by the federal government in March of 2007, and runs under the direction and volunteer work of Raquel Ortez, SSND and Helen Kornblum, M.D. We are grateful for the work of many throughout the U.S. that cultivate the growth of this organization. The primary objectives of AMIGA are basic preventative health care and education through basic health instruction for all patients as well as providing support to local students and schools
“Education is a powerful weapon that can be used to positively change the world.”(Nelson Mendela), and we hope to make a positive difference in the world of each person we meet.
On our medical brigades, each patient (approximately 1000 patients are seen in a week) receives soap, vitamins, necessary medications, preventative health education, and, most importantly, respect with a kind embrace.
The highest service we can perform for others is to help them help themselves. AMIGA’s objectives are sustained through basic multidisciplinary health clinics set up in remote communities that are deprived of basic health care, clean water, and education, among other basic needs for life. We also make personal visits to patients in their homes and host educational seminars. Many leaders from these areas thank us for “not forgetting them”.
On each brigade, we also receive, organize, and distribute AMIGA’s brigade shipment, now supported by Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Parish (OLPH/Selma Texas). OLPH has an AMIGA outreach that works throughout the year to collect, clean, organize and prepare for our shipments annually. Items on this shipment are directly used for our medical brigades and to support local communities and schools. A container full of much needed items, such as new or gently used clothing, school supplies, medical supplies and medications for our brigades, mobility carts (through Mobility Worldwide), walking assist-devices and wheelchairs are carefully distributed to the underprivileged. Our shipments and service brigades broaden our mission by enhancing service to the poor directly through our medical brigades, and through collaboration with local community leaders, hospitals, clinics for women and children, and nutrition centers with donation of these needed items.
We are confident that with God and the great people who sustain this mission in so many ways, we will continue to do this work. Deeply rooted in AMIGA’s mission, we look forward with confidence and a strong commitment to Honduras through support of the local community and, most essentially, through dedication to those we support and serve through our mission. We understand our responsibility to continue this work and the great privilege it is to help our brothers and sisters. Through health of mind, body, and spirit and small actions and contributions of many, we can alter the face of the world.
All donations directly support our mission and to the people we are privileged to serve. ​ Love and service are the brightest reflection of God’s presence on earth. AMIGA is a nonprofit organization that is fueled by a profound belief in the power of love and a determination to make a difference in the lives of our impoverished brothers and sisters in Honduras. The bond that links our true family in God is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. All workforces are voluntary; contributions and sponsorship go directly to serve the poor through our mission.
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