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Scholarship Program

AMIGA is committed to education.  The focus on the medical brigades includes health education, but leadership of AMIGA saw a tremendous need for advanced general education as a key to unlock poverty.  From this need, a youth scholarship program was born.   AMIGA initiated a scholarship program at a local high school for students with significant financial need and little to no opportunity for education beyond sixth grade.  This began several years ago and since then graduated students have not only progressed beyond high school, but are further pursuing a college education and/or good work opportunities.  The scholarship program has since expanded to aid indigent students in the mountains where AMIGA works.

Scholarships are for students at all levels – grade school through high school for students with potential and with difficult life circumstances.  Each of our students has excelled in school and as a leader with a true understanding of the importance of giving back…. To whom much has been given much is expected.  

Scholarship requirements : 
Each student must maintain a 3.0 grade point average.  
Each student must be involved with service and leadership with his/her school, church and community, and with AMIGA. 

Students meet with AMIGA leadership on an individual basis biannually to review academic progress, service programs, and personal goals, providing guidance and encouragement.  

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